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Arizona Superintendent caught for making racists blog comments

Posted by atifgabriel on July 8, 2014

An Arizona Superintendent for  Public Instruction John Huppenthal broke down in tears at the end of a news conference where he apologized for posting a number of  anonymous racists blog comments aimed at welfare recipients. An example of some of his comments are the following:


  • “Obama is rewarding the lazy pigs with food stamps (44 million people), air-conditioning, free health care, flat-screen TV’s (typical of “poor” families).”
  • “It was Darwin, not Hitler, who named the Germans the master race. It was Darwin who expressed approval of eliminating both Jews and Africans. Hitler worked to eliminate the Jews. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was given the job of eliminating African-Americans. Hitler fed 6 million Jews into the ovens. Sanger has fed 16 million African-Americans into the abortion mills.”

 a link to his official apology

The next link I find interesting because it mentions how the superintendent does not mentioning who he is, or owning his blog comments.

This is an example of what was discussed in the first class with respect to ownership as well as astroturfing.

Do you except the apology made by Mr Huppenthal, or do you agree with the opinions of the second link?


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