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Is Google Removing Negative Coverage of Powerful People?

Posted by A. Kaye. on July 8, 2014


In May, Europe’s highest court gave people the means to remove their reputations online, issuing a landmark ruling that could force Google and other search engines to delete references to old debt, previous arrests and other unflattering information. This is called “the right to be forgotten” rule. The court of Justice of the European Union wants people to have some say over what information comes up when others Google them.

The court specified that links could be removed if they were “inadequate, irrelevant or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed and in the light of the time that elapsed.”

This decision was celebrated by some as a victory for privacy rights in a time where everything good,bad or ugly leaves a permanent electronic trace. Other people may argue that this disrupts the celebrated free flow of information online and lead to censorship.

Do you think this ruling will place too much power in the hands of public figures who wish to have unflattering information hidden from the public?

Watch a commentary here:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.48.48 AM


Let me know your thoughts?


~A. Kaye


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