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Personal Advertising and Telekinesis

Posted by jabrieel on July 8, 2014


Emotiv has a developed a headset that will allow you to move things with your mind. Currently, they have a headset in development for future use by the public. The implications are that the headset could potentially:

  • allow you to drive a car with your mind
  • allow marketers to conduct market research without asking focus groups questions
  • allow doctors assess brain recovery activity in real time

When I saw this video on TechCrunch, it immediately made me think of Minority Report with Tom Cruise. You remember that scene where he was in the mall, and commercials were projected as he walked? They were selected to stimulate a response based on his unique brain activity (personal advertising) or the person he was pretending to be.

I think this new headset technology is the precursor to personalized advertising: a great tool for neuromarketing. I see it becoming indispensable for market research analysis in the future.

The implications for communications are that in the future businesses will have to segment their communications even more and tailor their communications to groups as well as individuals.


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