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Social Media + Reality TV = LOVE?

Posted by A. Kaye. on July 8, 2014


What is The Single’s Project?

It’s online dating on another level queue in …Reality TV. The television network Bravo will premiere the The Single’s Project this Fall. The show follows a group of young, successful New York singles as they navigate the dating scene in search for love in the BIG APPLE. Viewers will help these singles choose the right matches making this show the first real-time dating docu-series in the United States. Each episode will be shot and aired within the same week.

The Single’s Project elevates transmedia allowing viewers to interact with the daters in hopes to impact the show through social media. Interactions include helping daters pick out their outfits for a hot date to choosing a location.

Watch the preview below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.27.34 AM

This show promises to be entertaining and I’ll be tuning in.

Join in the fan engagement by following them on twitter @singles_project and the official hashtag: #TheSinglesProject


~A. Kaye.



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