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Instagram and Twitter erupt over “Daquan”

Posted by kwright28 on July 9, 2014

“What’s in a name?”

This time we aren’t referring to the line best known from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. But to the fictional character that has caused quite a stir on social media. Flooding timelines with what can be described as either controversial or comedic memes, was all the rage on Monday.

Apparently, Daquan/Dequan is a young African-American (or Caucasian depending on where you find it) male from the inner city who mainly dates good Caucasian girls named Becky, Ashley, or Stacy. Daquan seems to only approve of “trappin”, “gettin money”, “his mixtape”, and “being married to the streets”. In most of these memes, Caucasian parents are distraught over their daughters involvement with Daquan.


It’s an age old stereotype that names of this sort draw up immediate pictures of unsavory characters specifically from the African-American community. I don’t understand why this trend even started, but as a young African-American female, I am not amused.

Here are a few articles including even more memes that have been floating around. You can decide, what’s in a name?

These Daquan Memes Are So Wrong…But So D*mn Funny

Daquan’ Memes, Shine Hilarious Light On Interracial Love Stereotypes

Daquan Vs Dequan: Which Fictional Twitter Name is More Popular?


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