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Visiting Father Locks Himself in Prison

Posted by samrishe on July 9, 2014

When visiting someone in prison, one doesn’t usually expect to become imprisoned themselves.

During a mans visit to see his son in a UK prison, he was accidentally led to a high security section of the prison meant for only the most dangerous inmates. It took the man 2 hours to realize no one was coming for him. What’s shocking about this, is that the none of the prison guards noticed a visitor had signed into the prison, but never left. Because the room was being renovated and was considered out of bounds, none of the prison workers bothered checking the room before closing the section off.

Finally after 32 hours passed, the man thought to break a sprinkler in the high security room so the fire department would be able to locate him. It’s somewhat disappointing that it took him an entire 32 hours to figure this out, he’s clearly not the brightest man.

High Security Prison


One Response to “Visiting Father Locks Himself in Prison”

  1. I find this story very interesting. I am shocked that security wasn’t keeping an eye on visitors and his ability to alert the authorities. Yes, I agree, he might not be the brightest man but it’s the prison fault for not watching their visitors. I am curious to know how they log their visitors into the facility. I hope they improve security measures and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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