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Social Media Controversies by World Cup Fans; Malaysian MP and Belgium Model

Posted by sarahkana10 on July 11, 2014


A member of the United Malays National Organization, Bung Moktar Radin posted an extremely controversial, insensitive and distasteful tweet on Tuesday after Germany knocked Brazil out of the World Cup. The tweet below went out to his 20,000 followers, but it was heard around the world with major news outlets like CNN picking it up.


Predictably, a flurry of tweets followed, with many questioning Bung’s sanity and how he came to be in politics. Shortly after, Bung issued an “apology” tweet reading:

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.02.08 PM

Yes, that does say long live, himself…

Understandably, more tweets followed by outraged people, attacking Bung. And instead of apologizing or laying low, he’s decided to attack them right back.

Check out his full Twitter profile here:

We all have discussed the importance of being careful of what we put out on the Internet, especially social media, and obviously MP Bung is a little off-his-rocker, but I think this incident really illustrates how important it is for individuals in the public sphere, maybe particularly politics, to have someone running or advising them on their social media posts. Even, if we assume the best case scenario, that Bung was attempting to be humorous, and genuinely saw nothing wrong with his initial post, it still reminds us how incredibly important it is check ourselves and our clients. When something like this does happen, what’s the best way to deal with? – the post is out there, it has gone viral and there is really no way to make it disappear or take it back – if Bung was your client (and he seems extremely headstrong) how could you explain the magnitude of this situation to him and make sure that it doesn’t happen again?

Subsequently, the PM of Malaysia has sent out his own Tweets in response to this situation, assuring the world that these sentiments are not shared by him or fellow Malaysians.


In another story associated with the 2014 World Cup, a young Belgium soccer fan was discovered by L’Oreal and offered a modeling contract. The young woman posted the exciting news to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, only to have her contract revoked after L’Oreal discovered a previously posted Facebook photograph and caption that they did not care fore.  The post was the following:

“Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that … this was about 1 year ago … ready to hunt Americans today haha,” she wrote, and added this photograph:


You can read one of the many articles on her story here:

You think that people learn from others’ mistakes on social media, but clearly they do not.


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