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Facebook or Not to Facebook? Is That a Question?

Posted by jabrieel on July 13, 2014




If you or someone you know is addicted to Facebook, you might be considering deleting your Facebook account.


Just keep in mind if you do, it may not be as easy as a simple push of your “Delete” button. It may be more like a divorce proceeding, so think it over and think it through.


If you use any apps that have been acquired by Facebook and have used those to login to those apps, those app companies may retain some of your personal info. It may even mean if you delete your Facebook, you run the risk of losing that other account as well. 


Now, I’m not trying to discourage you. It may be truly be in your best interest or someone you know to get rid of Facebook. Either way, consider downloading a zip file of your posts and/or photos history for safe keeping. Only you can decide how important Facebook is to you.


I know for me, I use it as a birthday reminder, photo album and a way to keep tabs on friends and family abroad. And, I have on numerous occasions warned a relative or two about inappropriate comments they’ve made on Facebook that could be found by current or future employers.


If everyone decided to ditch Facebook like Friendster, what do you think would happen? Would something else move in to fill the void? Would Facebook turn into a country specific/favored social media platform? Hey, I know it’s not going to happen, but I’m just saying what if? I know Facebook has made my life a whole lot easier by not having to remember birthdays and allowed me to keep tabs on what’s going on in people’s lives.






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