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My Cell Phone Is Dying… I Can’t Get on the Plane? Get Out of Here.

Posted by jabrieel on July 13, 2014



TSA and DHS have enacted a new policy for travelers headed for the US.

Now, if you are carrying a cell phone and it is dead, you will NOT be allowed to enter into the US.

This means you will miss your flight and be delayed at best. It has not been decided if this will be a permanent change to security policy or temporary.

Apparently, DHS and TSA are concerned about the possibility of terrorists using their phones as bombs and/or bomb detonators.

I thought this was interesting and relevant news because cell phones have become an inseparable part of our identity the past decade or so. And, who hasn’t had their phone die while their out on the road? Phone apps and smartphone GPS capabilities seem to always being eating my battery life up even when I’m not using them, so this happens to me at least every few weeks or so. It’s gotten to the point where, I take my charger with me everywhere I go.

I recently got an unlocked phone, and plan on traveling abroad after I’m done with school to visit friends and family abroad. I don’t want to be making my way back and be told I can’t get on a flight back because my phone’s dead. Do you?

I do have one question though. If you check out the link to the original article above, you’ll notice they say, DHS has not decided or reported if this new policy is temporary or permanent. I think this a good example of poor communication. How about you?

I believe they should have educated the public through some PSA prior to enacting the new policy and said, we are going to be doing this on this date, this is what we are doing this for, and we appreciate your support.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for safety, but the way this thing is described as being implemented, it just feels like Uncle Sam invading more of our space and justifying it with more talk of safety concerns. And, I’m not looking forward to hearing what’s next on the list of “For Your Own Good”.

In the meantime, if you plan on going overseas and re-entering the US, be sure to keep your phone charged (turn off your apps) or leave it at home.


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