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‘Level’ Up- Beats headphones meets new competitor

Posted by jn5464a on July 17, 2014

In continuation of the Samsung – Apple rivalry, Samsung unleashed it’s newest headphone phenomenon “Level” to U.S consumers earlier today.

Despite Beats’ trending legacy, reviews say that “Level” may give the Apple product a run for it’s money.

As pictured below the new headphone offers retro styled ear pieces complete with a bluetooth speaker box.  If it’s sleek and sophisticated style doesn’t capture you the price decrease in comparison to Beats sure will:  Level is offered at 349.99 in comparison to Beats 379.95.  Speaking of comparisons, Level’s marketing strategy is curiously similar to that of Apple’s, including the design, pricing, offering and demographics. #CLONEmuch?

Snag a peek here: LEVEL video


Samsung’s Level headphones will be available for purchase exclusively to Gilt, Thursday.  Amazon and Best Buy will launch the accessory on July 20th and 27th.

So class– Who do you think will top the charts in sales?  Would you purchase these or does Apple have Samsung ‘Beats’? (corny I know, but very fitting for the occasion)


#tech #apple #music

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