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Blockchain Releases its latest bitcoin wallet app for Android

Posted by Amanda(Yueqi)Zhou on July 20, 2014, the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet provider, recently released its latest Android wallet app.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a software-based currency created in 2009. According to CNN Money, transaction fees involved Bitcoin are made with no middle men and you do not need to pay for transaction fees or give your real name. More merchants now accepts Bitcoin.

The new Android bitcoin wallet enables users to make a quick, easy and safe transfer of bitcoins to friends, bitcoin wallet users and even people who do not have a bitcoin wallet. It also provides some tutorial videos to help you understand how to manage your bitcoins and finance.


Another great feature of this app is that it provides a map view of local merchants who accepts bitcoins. Just like Yelp, users of Bitcoin Wallet can see the merchant’s profile, addresses and phones. The company think this world’s new feature will greatly encourage people to use bitcoins.


Unlike other bircoin apps which reproduce the old banking system, this Bitcoin Wallet app is an open-source wallet and it never knows the user’s bitcoins. This feature makes transaction through this app secure.

I would like to try this app and think maybe it is cheaper to transfer money through it. I think it is an important step to promote e-currency, which can be cheap to transfer between accounts.

You can learn more about the app by reading its official description in Google Play or read this article on TechCrunch.


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