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Facebook is testing a “Buy” Button

Posted by Amanda(Yueqi)Zhou on July 20, 2014

Facebook said in a statement that it is now testing a new “Buy” button.

The company said: “People on desktop or mobile can click the ‘Buy’ call-to-action button on ads and Page posts to purchase a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook.”  

Currently, this new feature is limited to a few small and medium-sized business in the U.S. and Facebook emphasized that the company always think about users’ privacy and have taken steps to ensure the payment experience with this new feature safe.

The following is a sample picture provided by Facebook.



Apart from Facebook, Twitter has already taken a step forward to boost e-commerce. Twitter enables users to add items to Amazon shopping cart by using hashtags, The company acquired a young company called CardSpring this week to allow users to redeem online coupons, as a part of Twitter’s strategy to enter real-world commerce.

It seems that E-commerce on social media is inevitable and major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is pursuing an online-to-offline commercial strategy.

I personally think this is a natural trend for social media to keep growing, but I will still look for products on Amazon, Ebay or BestBuy unless these social media sites have special discounts for purchase through their e-commerce features.

So what do you think these new e-commerce approaches taken by Facebook and Twtter?

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