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Tinder Exposes Personal Information

Posted by kwright28 on July 20, 2014

Are you on Tinder?


Online dating is at an all time high with the various dating websites available to the public. But people aren’t really talking about the apps that provide the same type of service. These are the simple and free ways to link up for the purpose of dating encounters.

The app Tinder is in the news because they have leaked the personal information of one of their users. But not just any user, this user happened to be writer/author Erika Napoletano.

Erika, better known as @redheadwriting, was using Tinder as an anonymous way to connect with people. Heavily based on photos alone, you can either swipe RIGHT on someones photo to let them know you are interested in them. OR you can swipe LEFT and never have to come in contact with them again. How do you know if someone likes you back? They will swipe RIGHT too and BOOM, you can start messaging each other.

Erika’s issue arose when she tried to deactivate her account. Tinder is integrated with Facebook as a way for you to share your pictures. But upon her attempt to deactivate, her entire Facebook profile was shared on Tinder for all to see. Once she started receiving both rude and provocative messages to her Facebook account back to back, she new something was up.

We all know your name and picture alone, can lead to other information about you on the web if properly searched. If we are using applications and websites based on the principle that your private information will remain just that, then this is cause for concern. Who knows what’s really happening with the information we put out through social media sites and apps under the guise of it being private.

So now, will you stay on Tinder?


For more on this story, take a look at this article.

Other cited Tinder security breaches:

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