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Apple’s Next Big Move

Posted by Karen on July 21, 2014

After successfully dominated consumer market, Apple announced a business partnership with IBM to co-develop business-centric apps for iPhones and iPads. “IBM will start selling business clients Apple’s mobile devices pre-installed with the new software.” BBC reported.

cook and rometty

(Apple’s Tim Cook and IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty. Photo released by Apple.)

Even though there is no clear indication in the announcement on what apps will be produced and how to settle the financial arrangement between the two firms, it is pretty obvious that Apple is making its next big move towards business market. While many people are watching what else Apple can do after Steve Job’s era, here they have the answer.

If the deal is finally met, it will bring serious threat to Microsoft and Google. Furthermore, there may be no market space left for Blackberry. Last group of business users may be heading to Apple given the new business iPads and iPhones are backed by IBM’s “famed big data and analytics expertise”. 

It is fascinating to see these giant firms come and go in the competitive market. Consumers and business can certainly take the advantage from the competition by enjoying the latest technology that makes life and business operation more and more convenient.


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