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Social Media Censorship?

Posted by Karen on July 21, 2014

Likeonomics’s author Rohit Bhargava was talking about removing comments is the latest trend on social media, which seems true because we can already see that many websites, including both major news outlets and independent blogging sites have taken down the comment function. Like Rohit said, “people get too nasty on the comment board.”

Recently, a French blogger was fined because her negative restaurant review was ranked too high on Google search. See the news article here –

Is it the sign that people or business become too sensitive and helpless in front of the negative voices? Could this French restaurant seek to reach out to the blogger to discuss how to improve the business and turn the negative review positive, rather than suing her? If not leaving negative comments and reviews becomes a norm, won’t social media lose its true meaning as the platform to have everyone’s voice heard?


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