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Watch out for the same mistake in your communication campaign planning

Posted by Karen on July 21, 2014

This is not just about social media. I’d like to share this news anyway as a lesson we can learn in mass communication campaign planning.

Gambling apparently was hugely popular in Singapore during the World Cup. An PSA ad fearing a boy complaining to his friend that his dad “bet all my savings” on Germany winning the World Cup. The idea was to “deter people from getting carried away by the World Cup hype”, said the National Council on Problem Gambling of Singapore. 

backlash ad

It was pretty effective until the World Cup final. As we all know that Germany crushed Brazil with 7-1 in the semi-finals and beat Argentina with 1-0 in the final. Now this ad is backlashed. Some voices already came out saying this ad was more likely to encourage people to gamble.

The Council revised the ad. In the new version, this boy’s friend asks:”your dad’s team won. Did you get your savings back?” The boy replied:”No, dad never stopes. He wants to bet one more time.”

Pretty good revision. However, it is probably not good enough to revise the negative impact it has previously caused. I don’t believe that no one in this ad’s creative team had asked what if Germany wins. I think the question was ignored because the odd seemed so small at the time. A simple lesson learned: Do NOT take the chance that may be backfire in campaign planning, no matter how small the chance seems.


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