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Guy Kawasaki TEDx Talk: The Art of Innovation

Posted by jabrieel on July 22, 2014

Guy-KawasakiGuy Kawazaki is an author, evangelist and innovator. He gave a TEDx Talk on the Top Ten Steps involved in innovation. If you can think of a man or woman in history that changed the world for the better or worse, more than likely they took advantage of any number of these steps.

I may be a bit biased, but when I think of the word “innovation” the first two people who come to mind are Thomas Edison and Bruce Lee. Both were innovators and respected leaders in their fields in their day.

Thomas Edison I think of as a tireless inventor. To me he embodied the ideal of not being afraid to be crappy. He looked forward to failing. He knew with every step, he drew closer to a breakthrough or new discovery.

In my eyes, Bruce Lee embodied the third step associated with innovation. He was always working and pushing to “Jump to the Next Curve” and reach a new level. If he were alive today, there’s no doubt in my mind, he would see what we call MMA as that next curve he was striving towards. 

If your ambition is to innovate and change the world, I’d suggest you make use of one if not all of the steps Guy Kawazaki advised:

  1. Have the Desire to Make Meaning Not Money
  2. Make a 3 Word Mantra
  3. Jump to the Next Curve
  4. Roll the Dicee: deep, intelligent, complete, empowering, elegant
  5. Don’t Worry be Crappy
  6. Let a 100 Flowers Blossom
  7. Polarize People
  8. Churn Baby, Churn
  9. Be Unique and Valuable
  10. Perfect Your Pitch: Customize Your Intro

BONUS: 10 Slides-20 Point Font-30 Point Font Rule

Which one of these steps do you most associate with or best describes your stage on the road to innovation?




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