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Live Post: Guy Kawasaki on Innovation, TedxBerkeley

Posted by sarahkana10 on July 22, 2014

Guy Kawasaki, Author, Advisor, Evangelist Talking At UC Berkeley About Being Innovative

Today, in an at-capacity room at University of California-Berkeley, we’re blogging live from the TEDxBerkeley presentation by Guy Kawasaki, Author, Advisor and Evangelist.

Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of CGuyKawasaki-sfwanva, a graphics-design online service, and an executive fellow at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. Formerly, he was an advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple. He is also the author ofAPE, What the Plus!, Enchantment, and nine other books. Kawasaki has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College. (More about Guy Kawasaki)

Kawaski is talking about innovation and the keys to be successful.
According to Kawasaki, “The key to thinking is innovation.”

Kawasaki then went into his Steps to Being Innovative, those being:

1. Start by making meaning over making money

How can you change the world, make it better? What will your innovation or idea do for society? Apple was innovative because it wanted to democratize computers, Google was innovative because it wanted to democratize information.

2. Make a mantra

Make a mantra, not a mission statement. A mantra should be two or three words about what your brand is- not your tagline.

Ex: Nike, Just Do It, “Authentic Athletic Performance”

3. Jump to the next curve…

Don’t just think small, think big. Here, Kawasaki used the example of ice harvesting and how innovation played a role in the development and convenience of modern ice.

4. Five Elements of Great Innovation

Great innovation is deep, intelligent, complete, empowering, and elegant.

5. Don’t worry, be crappy

Although we shouldn’t strive to “be crappy”, Kawasaki states that its alright for an innovation or idea to be a little crappy at first, what is most important is the effort and the idea itself.

6. Let 100 Flowers Blossom

Let consumers decide how they want to use your product, or how they don’t want to use your product, and learn how you can innovate further.

7. Polarize People 

Don’t be afraid that there are some people who will hate your innovation. Another group of people will probably love it.

8. Churn Baby Churn

Focus on your innovation, ideals and idea, but once it is shipped off, be prepared to listen and take criticism in order to make your innovation even better. Be ready to start on new ideas.

9. Have a Unique Value

10. Perfect Your Pitch

Start with something customized to your audience.

The ideal presentation includes 10 slides, takes 20 minutes and has size 30 font.

11. Don’t let the bozos get you down

To check out more information about Guy Kawasaki and his successes, check out his LinkedIn here:

Are/were you at the talk? Do you have more suggestions on how to be innovative? Let us know what you thought by Tweeting @AUMASocialMedia using #kawasakitalk.


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