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The art of innovation: Guy Kawasaki at TEDxBerkeley

Posted by rebeccapfister on July 22, 2014

The Art of Innovation: Guy Kawassaki


Guy Kawassaki spoke at TEDxBerkeley on the Art of Innovation. His experience working at Apple and an advisor at Google allowed new insight for thinking and creating in marketing communications.
Kawassaki, Art of Innovation follows 10 steps.

1. Make meaning
Focus on finding and making meaning to change the world. Do not focus on making money, then the importance of the meaning and the product will not thrive.

2. Make mantra
Make a two or three word mantra statement that is simple and understandable. A mantra expresses why the company exist; different from a mission statement.



Kawassaki sample:  “Authentic athletic performance”



3. Jump to the next curve

Innovation is also constantly occurring. It is important that you do not characterize or define yourself by a temporary quality, because the next innovation will occur and you need to adapt.

4. Roll the dice
Kawassaki describes five qualities of great innovation as deep, intelligent, complete, empowering and elegant.

5. Don’t worry, be crappy
Wait, crappy? Yup! Kawassaki said that revolutionary products can be crappy, but it will be shipped. The innovated product is on the next curve and the market is testing the product out.

6. Let 100 flowers blossom
Try different brand positioning and techniques. Customers will determine the role of the product within the market.

7. Polarize people
Polarization does work. People are either going to love or hate the product, but they are talking about the product. The goal is that the customer cannot ignore the message.

8. Churn baby, churn
The product is never done! You have to keep being innovate and trying new things. Kawassaki said it is important to be in denial, because you can keep thinking innovatively.

9. Niche thyself
How can your product be unique and make money? Do not make a product that is so different that money cannot be made.

10. Perfect your pitch
Customize your introduction!  Capture the audience’s attention. Kawassaki suggest using a unique graphic that is representative of that audience. In addition, keep the PowerPoint slides short, 10 slides.

 Take away quote, “Great innovation occurs when you do not limit yourself and you think to the next curve…”

Below, full speech!




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