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Guy Kawasaki Talks Innovation

Posted by jn5464a on July 22, 2014

GuyKawasaki-sfw-410x273An eager and rather witty, Guy Kawasaki kicked off TedxBerkeley this evening with the joke of the “crowd’s wildest dreams“.  Following the pitch, the crowd immediately suited up for a night of laughs, embarrassing father anecdotes and the long awaited “Art of Innovation” speech.

Polishing off several of his life accolades as a Silicon Valley Tech, the 59 year old “Author, Advisor and Evangelist” offered all of the secrets to the world’s technologically-innovative power houses in a condensed 10 point presentation.

Luckily, I have all of the greatness, minus the humor, that you missed. Of course with a dash of my own innovative spin.

Point 1: Make Meaning opposed to making money

Find your meaning, find your passion, find your drive.  True innovation stems from finding meaning in your craft. Where there’s meaning, money is sure to follow.

Point 2:  Mantra

Who needs a mission, when you have a mantra?  Kowasaki explains that a mantra defines why your meaning exists- it is the essence of your idea.  This will later define YOUR product from the competition.

Mantra Making Tip: find two to four words that describe your craft then, get creative!

Point 3: Perspective

Don’t hobble along the known path- JUMP, LEAP,SKIP or HOP to the next curb.  Think ahead and think creatively.  What defines an innovator from the rest is one’s ability to seek the benefits of it’s product versus being defined by what it is.

Point 4: Roll the Dicee

Kawasaki suggests five paramount factors to successful innovation: It should be deep, intelligent, complete, empowering and elegant.

Point 5: Don’t Worry- Be Crappy

In the midst of those dreams, you WILL have a crappy day and when you do, SMILE (it means you’re doing it right).  If you wait for the perfect world and for all the pieces to fall into place your ship will never set sail.  See the big picture and keep rowing.

Point 6: Let 100 Flowers Blossom

Kowasaki warns the audience to beware of prideful emotions; let your creation take flight.  Positioning and branding ultimately relies with what the consumer decides not what the producer intends.

….in short when your hi-tech phone gadget turns into a high tech radio gizmo- don’t sweat it!

Point 7: Polarize People

Don’t be afraid, criticism is good- take it, use it and make it better.

Point 8: Churn baby, Churn

Be in Denial! Push your product in ways that were never thought of.  Look to improve, enhance and make an even greater impact.

Point 9 and 10: Niche yourself, then sell it!

Be unique! Own your craft and customize your pitch.

Kowasaki knowledge: if you’re pitching in front of an audience make sure to use no more than 10                                                              slides and a 30 pt font.

To secure the standing ovation, Guy leaves the audience with one last “bonus” tip:

Don’t let the BOZOS grind you down.  Recognize a bozo when you see one; They’re typically the ones either wrapped up in their own thoughts in loserville or they’re the haters who seem to have it all together and are pitifully over confident.  Don’t be fooled, they’re part of the process. Keep it moving!

There it is folks, the ultimate guide to innovation.  Fortunately, TedTalks has alloted us the luxury of instant replay.  Watch Guy Kawasaki here:

Still not satisfied?  Talk to him yourself @  BUT, before you do, refer to #9, again.

Those who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world are the ones who do.




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