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Facebook’s New Mentions App is Not for Me

Posted by Karen on July 23, 2014

Big news of Facebook about testing its “buy” button just came out last week. This week, we heard another big news: the social media giant just unveiled a new standalone app called “mentions”, reported CNN. It is designed to “help famous people manage their presences on the site”. 

The CNN article continues to explain about this app: “The app tracks posts that mention the celebrity user. Mentions lists them in a News Feed-like interface that makes it easier for famous people to respond to fans directly. Mentions also lets users do live Q&As with fans from their phones, and tracks the most popular stories on Facebook in case public figures want to weigh in.”

It sounds like Facebook’s new app is about to serve the celebrities by combining functions of MySpace and Twitter. Somehow I feel a little bitter about this news because I always consider Facebook is a equal platform that doesn’t make anyone look special. Now it finally walks to the line that divides the “commoners” and the rich and famous. Whatever works, I guess.


One Response to “Facebook’s New Mentions App is Not for Me”

  1. chelseatufarolo said

    This is interesting, I haven’t heard of this app before. I’m wondering if the new features will obvious to the general public/ non app users.

    Based on my understanding, I do think Twitter would be a better outlet for the Q&A feature, although the nature of Facebook would although for more fruitful interaction without the character limit.

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