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PhotoWonder, or “PhotoWTH!!”

Posted by Kristiana C on July 23, 2014

Some eastern Asian cultures, primarily Korea, have been the subject of  a lot of talk lately, due to their unrealistic and very specific standards of beauty. Pale, airbrushed skin, large eyes, eye colors other than brown, and small pale lips are becoming more and more prominent in advertising.

Last year, I was looking for new photo editing apps to use on pictures of my friends and I, and stumbled upon the foreign PhotoWonder in the app store. Its appearance was very cartoony,  but it was rated well and clearly geared towards women, so I figured Why Not?

One of the main options when you first enter the app is to “beautify”– there are tools for “enlarge eyes,” “bust enhancement” “skin whiten” and “thinify.” This goes so far beyond the subtle teeth whitening we all used to do in Picnik.

If you’re curious as to just how extreme this look is, here is what happened when I took my pre-passport photo selfie (had to make sure the picture was going to turn out ok!) and did what PhotoWonder calls 1-step beautification.


It’s freaky huh? Do you think doing this to pictures promotes an unrealistic sense of beauty, or is it all just in good fun?



One Response to “PhotoWonder, or “PhotoWTH!!””

  1. Honestly, I got the pale thing going for me. oh, yeah! This was a good blog post. There is an unrealistic expectation of beauty. I fear, people will like the edited difference and want to make those altercation permanent. I tried this app with a friend and I looked completely different. I wasn’t a huge fan.

    Again, good post. It’s very relevant.

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