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Will Google+ Earn a + in 2014?

Posted by Karen on July 23, 2014

How many of you have a Google+ account but never use it? Google+ has been like a popular joke that everyone seems to enjoy telling. Backed by Google, I remember it came out rather strong. Registering an account quickly became a trend. But after registering, nobody cared to use it. In my personal Google+ network, there are maybe 3-5 active users. By active I mean, they post something once a week, if that. 

Interesting though, when talking about 2014 social media trends, social media gurus project that Google+ will become a “major factor”. 

“With Google using the platform to collect personal information, Google+ should no longer be thought of as ‘just’ another social network.” Said Jayson DeMers, contributor of Forbes blog, “It’s increasingly proving itself to be an integral part of Google’s grand scheme in terms of SEO, social signals and providing a more personalized search experience.”

Check out social media blogs on Social Media ExaminerTop Ten Social Media, and The Daily Egg to learn why experts believe Google+ will win its market.


2 Responses to “Will Google+ Earn a + in 2014?”

  1. I don’t use my Google+ account. I registered for a Google+ account when I became a student at AU. Shorty after, everyone created a Facebook group. I don’t think Google+ will ever achieve the success of Google or other social media sites.

  2. chelseatufarolo said

    I, like Rebecca, do no use my account. I registered early this year only because I was forced to in order to participate in a Google Hangout for class. I don’t know of many people who have an account and those who do don’t use them regularly.

    I have also noticed that organizations, in their social media branding, don’t seem to spend as much energy on their Google+ pages.

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