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10 Things You Need to Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service

Posted by siru90 on July 24, 2014

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What’s the biggest lie on the web? I think it would be “I have read and agreed to the terms.” We’ve all done it. You click  “Agree” and move on. It’s probably because we are lazy, but another reason is Terms of Service (TOS) are too long and jargon-filled. A recent paper from Carnegie Mellon suggests it would take the average Internet user about 76 days to read all their privacy policies. The researchers found that of the top 75 websites, the average length of a privacy policy is 2,514 words. So here are 10 things you didn’t realize you agreed to in the social network terms of service you didn’t read. Luckily, someone did!


1. Facebook has permission to use your photos and videos for whatever it wants.

2. You can’t use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender.

3. You’re required to keep your contact information up to date.


4. How you explore Twitter, and how you got there.

5. You’re not a;;owed to squat on a username. 


6. You’re not allowed to post sexually suggestive content. 

7. You’re not supposed to send ideas to Instagram, but if the company actually reads them and likes them, it’ll use them. 


8. You can’t add anyone you don’t actually know.

9. Your profile can’t promote escort or prostitution services — even if they’re legal where you live.

 10. You’re not allowed to lie.

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One Response to “10 Things You Need to Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service”

  1. That’s way to long! I don’t have time to read the terms of agreement for all my social media sites. The terms you listed aren’t bad. However, I won’t want Facebook using my photos without my permission. I keep everything on private; basically, I don’t want any creeper.

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