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Foursquare Rebranding: Will you use it now?

Posted by kwright28 on July 24, 2014

After taking a poll of the number of people in my COMM class who actually used Foursquare, this news comes as…..well….news.The app wasn’t popular among my class, but my professor was all over it.

Now, Foursquare has announced they are upgrading and re-branding. Staring with the logo and check-in icon.

Old logo and check-in icon:







New logo and check-in icon:








Originally Foursquare pulled the check-in icon and users had to download an app called Swarm instead. With the re-branding, Foursquare is promising that the two will “work seamlessly together.” 

My understanding was that Foursquare was the hub for check-ins and badges. It’s why people downloaded the app in the first place. Why they created a stand-alone app for check-ins, didn’t seem like a good move. My assumption is the removal eventually pulled the attention away from the popularity of Foursquare. Then again, I was never interested in using the app from the beginning.

With the re-branding, we’ll see if Foursquare gains some of it’s popularity back. Maybe I’ll ask my classmates again in a few months if they jumped on board.

Read more on the story here.

More on SWARM.


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