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#INSTARUNWAY: TV Shows meets Fashion meets Social Media

Posted by A. Kaye. on July 25, 2014

The 13th season of Lifetime’s Emmy Award winning show- Project Runway premiered tonight and to keep up with trend of staying relevant, they have adopted a way to incorporate their show with Instagram.

Every week, viewers are encouraged to create an outfit inspired by one of the designs on the episode and post their picture on Instagram using the hashtag #InstaRunway.  Viewers stand a chance of being featured on-air during an episode of Project Runway! *To appear on your phot must be approved by an adminstrator*

For more on Project Runway click HERE.



3 Responses to “#INSTARUNWAY: TV Shows meets Fashion meets Social Media”

  1. I am in LOVE! “Project Runway” is my show. This was a brilliant move on their part. The show has been on for many seasons. Their target audience are very creative and social media driven people. They are likely to adapt and post Instagram pictures.

  2. A. Kaye. said

    Project Runway is THE show! This social media move is going to be very effective, I might find myself posting some pictures.

  3. samrishe said

    I used to be a huge fan of Project Runway, but this change seems like they are trying too hard to be relevant.

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