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10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From

Posted by paulchronister on July 26, 2014

Today, its common for recruiters and managers to monitor your social media profiles before they decide to hire you. In this article 10 people utilize social media very creatively to showcase their resume, work experience, and personality. How did the hiring managers respond to these social media resumes? They hired them on the spot. Below are some of my favorites from the top ten list of social media resumes.

Put Your Best (QR) Face Forward


On the back of Victor’s resume is a full picture of himself with a OR code where his mouth is. Once the recruiter scans the QR code and places their phone on top of it, a video pops up revealing Victor’s mouth,  completing the image and allowing the recruiter to hear Victor’s voice.

Leverage Facebook Pages


Henry used Facebook to showcase his social resume. Henry uses Facebook’s Pages feature to showcase his skills and work experience .

Video Killed The Resume Star


Graeme created an interactive video where you can click on words linked to an about me section, portfolio, skills, timeline, and contact info.


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