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Do You Know This Guy… Or Why He Was So Upset with Facebook?

Posted by jabrieel on July 26, 2014




(Photo courtesy of

If this guy looks faintly familiar, it may be for one of two reasons…

You’ve see a slighter older version of him on those Priceline commercials or you’ve seen the Star Trek series shot in the 60’s. His name’s William Shatner, he’s a big star on the Comic Con and Comic Con-like geek circuits (I’m a big fan.). 

Anyway, it seems Mr. Shatner was in the news recently bashing the new Mentions app by Facebook and comparing it to the Pages app.He said the new app was poorly designed and not truly built with celebrities in mind. 

I think if Shatner doesn’t like the app, he should just not use it. The app is probably comparable to the Pages app. I think him taking issue with the app was just a cover story for his real issue: He still a deep seated issue with his former cast member, George Takei; they stared in the Star Trek series together and developed a feud while on the set. Apparently, when Shatner was attempting to use the Mentions app, he was required to like another celebrity, and guess who they mentioned? 

It seems Takei believes Shatner was and still is self-centered and suffering from a major psychosis. What do you think? Do you think it’s normal for celebrities to be self-centered? I do, that’s why I think people find it refreshing when they meet one who’s not. At the same time, if Takei said, Shatner would act like he didn’t know him on the set, maybe Takei is right. Hopefully, they’ll settle their feud before one of them dies, and I’ll get to meet them both at Comic Con in the not too distant future… Yeah, I like that idea. 



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