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Milk Was A Bad Choice

Posted by chelseatufarolo on July 26, 2014

Earlier this week I was at the movie theater obscenely early and was forced to sit through the commercials before the previews. During this time I saw the following commercial for an app called Milk Music:

Based on the commercial alone, I immediately thought the offered curated playlist features seemed very similar to Songza (as seen in our first Trends presentation) and many other internet radio services. After looking further into the app, my initial impression remains unchanged.

According to a Mashable article published in March, Samsung “is going up against iTunes Radio, Pandora and Spotify with its newly-announced ad-free radio service called Milk Music.” Milk Music offers a few unique features (namely no commercials or sign-up requirements) however these seem to be overshadowed by the very limited audience able to take advantage of the service. The app, which can be downloaded via the Google Play store, is only available to US residents with a Samsung Galaxy tablet or smartphone. This means iOS users are out of luck, as are the majority of Android users.

Although the app reached 2 million downloads in July, I just don’t see how the app can be successful. Does this sort of exclusivity help or hurt apps? Can any Galaxy owners out there weigh in on this?


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