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“The Hunt” app! Discover & Shop.

Posted by rebeccapfister on July 27, 2014

Clothes, shoes and everything fashion is my obsession. I’m my own personal shopper, but I need a little help. However, I am cheap, broke and don’t want to pay for the help. Earlier this week, there was an advertisement on my Facebook page for the cure for outfit envy app “The Hunt.” Of course, I clicked immediately! It’s super simple and easy to use. People can post photos of their favorite product and make suggestion by uploading a URL link with the price. Personally, I like the celebrity outfit page. People are trying to get the same look for less. Thank gosh, before, I was looking in magazines for this important information! The app has an active community and it’s smart, savvy shopping! I can plan my shopping trip beforehand, so I don’t go all over the mall. However, the apps biggest competition is “Polyvore,” which focuses on collage-like photos. The app/website has head-to-toe prep guides. The collage photos are centered on a theme, which reflects your style and mood. In addition, “Polyvore” has been in the marketing longer than “The Hunt” and has captured the young fashionista hearts. In order, for the “The Hunt” to survive the fashionista battle it should market itself differently than “Polyvore.” In the meantime, I am going shopping!


One Response to ““The Hunt” app! Discover & Shop.”

  1. kwright28 said

    I actually signed up for this a few months ago. Personally, Polyvore can be a little difficult to navigate as a lot of the links don’t actually take you to the outfits they post on the collage pages. I’ve only posted twice, and most times I forget about it lol whenever I come across my next “gotta have” outfit that I can’t seem to find for myself, it’ll pop back on my radar…..

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