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AWKWARD Video Secrets

Posted by kwright28 on July 28, 2014

Last week we learned about an app that allows you to share secrets with the world. Just use the app WHISPERS and share away.

Well, now you can share those secrets via VIDEO with the app AWKWARD.

This app, launched on iPhone on July 14, now allows you to share your secrets with your face! But not the way you think. The app allows you to have BLURRED confessions. That’s better, right?

It doesn’t say anything about changing your voice, so depending on who see’s your video, you still stand a chance at being recognized. Not to mention, people can rate the video’s you post. Are you up for taking your confessions this far?

It’s up to you… much blurr would you need…….

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One Response to “AWKWARD Video Secrets”

  1. That’s awkward! I would not feel comfortable using the app. You are taking a risk having people hear your voice. I think the app can be successful. It is interesting to hear people’s thoughts.

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