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Posted by JillianLaffrey on July 28, 2014

For most people, social media serves to connect you to others within (and without) your network. But what happens if relationships go sour in real life? Can those ties be severed online?

LinkedIn recently joined Facebook, Twitter and most other major social media sites in instituting a “Block” feature. But the feature didn’t come quickly enough for many. A significant number of users had complained over the years that LinkedIn had no way of breaking connections. A LinkedIn member from Columbus, Ohio, launched a petition in April 2013 because of a sexual assault in her workplace; the assailant was watching her professionally through LinkedIn.

The developers, however, struggled with how best to institute the “Block” feature, and ensure that all functionality on the site was aligned with their decisions on what someone who had been blocked could see. The decision they arrived at was, ” when you block someone, they should be unable to see your profile or any content you publish. That includes any comments in groups you both might be a part of, or blog posts you publish to the site. It removes them entirely from your LinkedIn experience.”

As social media users, our lives can quickly become an open book. The block functionality on social media sites is vital for maintaining a sense of privacy and security.


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One Response to “Blocked”

  1. I like the block feature on LinkedIn. Privacy is really important because it helps people maintain their individuality. The Columbus, Ohio case is a perfect example of why privacy is important.

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