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No Shortcut to Social Media Success

Posted by JillianLaffrey on July 28, 2014

Ann Tran is a “respected social media consultant, travel social marketing strategist, influencer, and sought-after speaker at social media and technology events.” In this piece for Entrepreneur, she blows a hole in the idea that social media can be “mastered.” It is a skill, like any other, and often involves pushing the boundaries of creativity–no easy task.

“When you are on social media, you have to be a writer, speaker, photographer, marketer, videographer, curator and engager.  Some people may wear even more hats, including producer, editor, artist and so much more.  These are talents and skills obtained over years of reading, studying and fine-tuning the craft.”

So yes, we all can agree that social media isn’t something to be checked off in between filing papers and getting a cup of coffee. It requires real thought and strategy, skill and knowledge, insight and wit, and very few of us will ever claim to be a social media pro. But there are a few things we can be doing to get better. Find out what at Entrepreneur.



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