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Tickets Are No Fun.

Posted by jabrieel on July 28, 2014


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A few years back, I recall hearing in the news; DC was intent on generating more revenue to the tune of $12-15 million annually through parking tickets and moving violations. If you’ve driven in or around DC the past few years, I’m sure you’ve encountered a traffic camera or found parking enforcement lurking near your car. Have you ever gotten an unexpected ticket in the mail or been unable to make it to court to dispute it and just paid it instead? What would you say if I told you there was an app that would allow you scan your ticket and fight it for you? Well, there is. It’s called Fixed, but don’t get too excited just yet. Apparently, it’s only available for use in the Bay Area for now.

You take a picture of your ticket and it checks for common errors on it. Supposedly it has a 30% success rate, which isn’t that high if you ask me. But, the San Francisco municipality seems to have an issue with it. They’ve even gone so far as to tell the company to stop sending faxes even though it is a lawful to dispute tickets that way. The municipality took it a step further and cut off their fax machine. I wish the government was subject to the same scrutiny, standards and obligations that companies in the private sector are subject to. My impression has always been apps are supposed to make our lives easier by streamlining processes (in this case, a very inefficient and often times annoying one). To me this seems like a case of the local government not wanting to improve streamline the communication process because it doesn’t fall in line with their bottom line to generate revenue at the public’s expense. They said they’d let you fight your ticket, but they never said they’d make it convenient for you or let you win. Would you try the app or just pay your ticket? Check out a video about the app here.



One Response to “Tickets Are No Fun.”

  1. I want the app in DC! This is brilliant. I have never received a ticket but I would try the app. It seems more convenient than going to court.

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