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Facebook App Kills Off Its Most Popular Feature

Posted by paulchronister on July 29, 2014

In a couple of days, Facebook will take away it’s messaging feature from its mobile app and force you to download their separate app – Messenger – whenever you want to message your friends on Facebook from your mobile phone. Facebook is currently in the process of notifying its app users. When you want to message someone, a nice little otter appears telling you to download Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends. facebook messenger

Facebook told Huffington Post that people in Europe responded 20 percent faster to messages on Messenger than they did through the site’s original app. They sent more pictures, videos, stickers, etc. through Messenger, which led Facebook to decide to split their app into two. Plus, Facebook boasts that the app is “faster and more reliable for everyday messaging.”

According to the Huffington Post article, by having two apps for Facebook, more people will be spending more time on the site, which essentially will allow them to collect more data on users and pinpoint their location, which they will utilize to target users with more centralized ads.

Annoying that you have to open a separate app just to talk to your friends? I think so. I believe an app’s features should be in an all-in-one centralized location. Plus, the extra effort from Facebook to data-mine our conversations to increase their advertising efforts is a bit creepy, and definitely puts online privacy more into question.



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