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Let’s Talk About ‘Lucy’

Posted by samrishe on July 29, 2014

In this article posted on Mashable, Jordan Hoffman delves into some of the many problems ‘Lucy’ had, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. Honestly, without this cast I’m not sure it would have done so well in the box office it’s opening weekend.

So what was this mind bending film about? Lucy, a 25 year old student living in Taipei finds herself caught up in an international drug smuggling ring. After being knocked out, Lucy finds out she is being used as a drug mule to bring a new drug called CPH4 to America, which apparently is comparable to putting an atomic bomb in your body. The plus side is that it looks like Walter Whites crystal meth! But I digress. This drug causes ones brain to begin using larger percentages of brain power than the human body is used to. Basically it gives you magical powers that defy gravity and the basic laws of physics.

This ‘Lucy’ featurette shows some of her capabilities as her mind begins using more and more brain capacity.

Overall, the film was interesting enough, but most of all it was laughable. Visually it felt like being on acid, and the storyline didn’t always make much sense. But hey, who really knows what would happen if people started using an insane amount of their brain capacity? SPOILER ALERT maybe they would turn into god/a computer like Lucy does at the end of the film. Your guess is as good as mine.


2 Responses to “Let’s Talk About ‘Lucy’”

  1. The movie reminded me of ‘Limitless’ with Bradly Cooper. I agree, the cast really improved the ratings. I feel that an increase in your brain’s functioning will decrease human connection.

  2. A. Kaye. said

    OMG I’m yet to see it.

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