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OKCupid Admits It Emperiments on Users

Posted by Amanda(Yueqi)Zhou on July 29, 2014

Yesterday, Christian Rudder, founder of the famous dating site OKCupid, admitted in a blog post that they kept experimenting on its users all these years.


Rudder said: “Most ideas are bad; even good ideas could be better. Experiments are how you sort all this out.” Rudder said they once hided users’ profile text and told pairs of people who might be good matches that they were not good for each other.

OKCupid’s privacy policy states that the site may use users’ information for researh and analysis. In the blog post by Rudder, it seems that the company thinks that experiment is what they should do to provide better service and it is not sorry for this.

I don’t think the purpose of improving service justify the action of lying to users. This news makes me think about Facebook’s experiment with users’ news feed. It is true experiments are important for businesses and better service, but playing around with users’ private information is not ethically correct.

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One Response to “OKCupid Admits It Emperiments on Users”

  1. I agree 100 percent! I don’t think they should conduct experiments on their users. It’s uncomfortable knowing someone/something could have an effect on my emotions and my personal love life.

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