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Yahoo Japan Launches Service to Manage Your Digital Presence After Death

Posted by paulchronister on July 29, 2014

Yahoo Japan recently launched a service for its large population of elderly people that manages their digital footprints after they die. The service is called Yahoo Ending, which allows users to close their account, and have a final message sent t0 up to 200 family and friends emails once their death has been confirmed. Yahoo Ending also allows to stop automatic bill payments made through the Yahoo Japan wallet service.

Other features include a bulletin-board page for the deceased where loved ones can post their memories; and prior to death, Yahoo ending helps users search for a cemetery and estimate funeral costs.  In the future, CEO of Yahoo Ending wishes to extend its service and allow its users to manage their post-life affairs on non-Yahoo Japan services, like closing out credit cards for instance.

Yahoo Ending

This goes to show that many businesses in the US and around the world are jumping onto the digital afterlife management train. There are companies that help you manage your digital assets after you die, some that allow you to be memorialized after your death, and some that let you both manage your assets and let loved ones share their memories of you. You can find examples of companies here.




2 Responses to “Yahoo Japan Launches Service to Manage Your Digital Presence After Death”

  1. chelseatufarolo said

    This seems very timely, especially considering our final project topic 😉 The idea of 200+ people being notified via email about someone’s passing seems a little weird to me.

    • Yep, I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog on it since it ties in well with our project. The whole idea about taking care of our digital lives after death is creepy to me o_0 but I see how it can be useful.

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