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Have a Real Doctor in Your Pocket at All Times, With This New App

Posted by kwright28 on July 30, 2014

Who hasn’t tried to self-diagnose themselves in order to avoid long waits in a doctor’s office, ridiculous health bills, or just getting up out of bed when you feel like death? Web-MD, Google, and other health sites get a ton of inquires a day, probably even an hour! The masses have longed for a way to get real time answers from real live doctors.


Now, there’s an app for that! It’s called First Opinion. But before you get too excited, let me break down a few “fun facts”:

  • You won’t be dealing with doctors licensed to practice in the U.S
  • You are dissuaded from viewing any information you receive as “true medical advice”
  • You are urged to call 911 or your personal doctor for emergencies
  • Answers within 24 hours are FREE
  • Answer within five minutes, the cost is $9 per month
  • Answers within three minutes for $29 per month.

Now that we know what’s REALLY going on, does this change your opinion of the app at all? Currently only available on iOs, users have reported that they like the app. I think the app definitely has promise considering some of the “minor” questions I may propose to an app like this. I’m thinking this could also open doors to doctors offices within the US. My doctor’s office already has its own portal where the use is for exactly what the app is providing. It’s a place to ask questions to doctors and nurses without having to come into the office for an appointment.

I needed a refill on my asthma medication but because I’ve been on the same prescription for years, I didn’t want to make an appointment just for them to sign their medical pad. I was able to go into the portal and ask the question. The nurse from my office was able to see my records and called the prescription into my pharmacy. Done and done. Didn’t have to take off work or wait in a a waiting room.

This new app has a ways to go, but they are, indeed, on to something.

To learn more about some of the finer details of the app, take a look at this article on mashable.



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