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Should parents be paranoid about sharing pictures of children on Facebook?

Posted by Kristiana C on July 30, 2014

Maybe, but not for the most obvious reason.

This redditor brings up an interesting point, and one that I’ve thought about many times recently. While most of us (I assume the class is roughly between 20 and 30 on the whole) have had Facebook for a long time, we haven’t had it since the tender and utterly stupid ages of middle school. And even worse though somewhat unthinkable, we hadn’t had accounts set up for us as infants. While I think the latter is unlikely to be happening even today, parents posting pictures of their toddlers may one day mean that those images are “tagged” as those individuals.


And while my account may have some slightly embarrassing complaints of a 17 year old hidden deep within it, now 12 and 13 year olds have accounts too. The statuses they make, pictures they post, and things they “like” could stick with them forever.

So how do we handle this? Should we get new accounts when we become adults? Should parents be wary of posting pictures of kids for this reason in addition to safety?

It’s interesting food for thought.


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