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Bot or Not Helps You Identify Bot Accounts on Twitter

Posted by Amanda(Yueqi)Zhou on July 31, 2014

Many nonhuman Twitter accounts are polluting the social media site with spam. These accounts are known as social bots.

In 2011, researchers from Texas A&M University developed a way to detect bot accounts; however, social bots become more sophisticated and advanced. The bots can identify keywords and find content and some bots can answer questions like rel human beings!

Recently, Emilio Ferrara and pals at Indiana University in Bloomington find a way to identify these advanced social bots. The algorithm is called Bot or Not? 

They made it available at this site. You can check whether this account is a social bot by simply entering its Twitter username.

I think it is very interesting and it is helpful to protect the Twittersphere.


More on the story:


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