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Business Users Do Not Need a Google+ Profile to Use Google Hangouts

Posted by Amanda(Yueqi)Zhou on July 31, 2014

Google anounced yestersay that enterprise users of Google Apps do not need to set up a Google+ profile to use Google hangouts; a Google account is enough for a business user to start a conversation on Google Hangouts.

Over the years, Google tried to unite its disparate communication tools (Google Talk, Google Chat, Google+ Messenger) to Google Hangouts. Users are always required to have Google+ accounts so as to use Google Hangouts, however, many do not like this policy.

Google spokesperson explained for this move: “The goal is to make it easier for employees and businesses to communicate by video.” He also said this decision would enable Google enterprise users to have a better working experience with Google apps.

Personally, I think this is a smart move. Customers are not forced to do additional thing so as to use Google apps, which shows Google’s respect for its customers. Google deals with this issue better than Foursquare, as Foursquare users are still forced to install Swarm app to log in Foursquare app.


More on the story:

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