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Instagram Decides to Launch Its New App “Bolt”

Posted by Amanda(Yueqi)Zhou on July 31, 2014

Instagram decided to launch its new app “Bolt” in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram team says these countries have high instagram usage and are English-speaking, so they are great choice to test themarket before releasing the app worldwide.

Instagram spokesperson told Mashable:

“Bolt is the fastest way to share an image or a video – just one tap to capture and send. We decided to start small with Bolt, in just a handful of countries, tomake sure we can scale while maintaing a great experience. We expect to roll it out more widely soon.”

According to official description of Bolt, users of Bolt can add up to 20 friends to their favorite list and they can share photos and videos by one tap.

To be frank, I do not think Bolt can succeed, as Snapchat already has a large market share. Released last month, Facebook’s Slingshot does not perform good enough to win users from Snapchat. The app now is disappearing from App Store ranking.


Different from Slingshot developed by Facebook team, Bolt is designed by Instagram team and the two apps are not connected. However, this does not make the app stand out from its competitors. I really doubt whether this app can succeed.



3 Responses to “Instagram Decides to Launch Its New App “Bolt””

  1. samrishe said

    I agree with you; Snapchat has already capitalized on this idea. Bolt will probably disappear within a year or two.

  2. A. Kaye. said

    I had a blog post about this last week when they accidentally launched it. It was premature then and i think it’s still a mistake. Not a fan at all.

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