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A simple thank you.

Posted by jn5464a on August 1, 2014

During my daily sifts of my facebook timeline, I came across a video who’s title “Sometimes you just want to say thank you” sparked my interest.  The concept is quite simple yet highly impactful in it’s outreach.

Back Story: We’re all accustomed to frequent bank visits and atm encounters but we’ve never had a machine that carried a personal conversation with us.  Well, take a peek at one bank’s way of thanking customers for their loyalty to the company.



This video reflects the change in traditional PR that has taken youtube and commercial television by storm.  Campaigns much like Dove for Real Beauty, TD Canada and many more have sought out an emotional connection to it’s consumers verses an informational approach.  These advertisements share one common thread; they provide an added value.  They present customers with something that digs beneath the surface and sets them apart from their competitors.  Both Dove and the TD Canada show how developing connections with consumers on a personal level  fosters an increase in loyalty and product/company awareness.

How do you feel about the campaign?  Do you think that comopanies should adopt similar strategies for their advertisements and consumers?  Is this type of strategy effective for all industries?


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