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How Would You Curtail A Communication Crisis If There’s A Global Epidemic?

Posted by jabrieel on August 2, 2014


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The way I see it, incurable and infectious diseases have been prominent in the news recently. First, it was the Bubonic Plague and now it’s the Ebola Virus. This is a some really scary stuff. The plagues been around since Medieval Times and Ebola’s been around since the 70’s. It’s reassuring and nice to know that governments and agencies like the CDC have systems in place to monitor, quarantine and track the spread of highly infectious diseases like this.

Any reports to the contrary would mean a full all out crisis at home and abroad and lead to widespread panic. The Mashable‘s piece on the Ebola Virus and the safety measures in place gave me some form of hope if for people of prestige or prominence like the two doctors being brought to Emory Hospital in Atlanta in a few days, but what about others who aren’t so “important”?

One of my best friends and my girlfriend are Liberian. We wound up having a fight last night. I wake this morning and find out it’s because her aunt and niece contracted the Ebola virus and were quarantined before on their way back to the US. I had no idea what to say or do. The only thing I could do was say, I was sorry and that I would pray for them.

It’s one thing to contain or address a crisis caused by bad communication, but how do you contain a potentially global epidemic like one of these using the fine arts of communications? Outside of communication focused on preventative measures and preemptive measures, I have no idea. What are your thoughts and ideas? What would you say, if someone you cared about told you their loved one was had a highly infectious disease and was quarantined?


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