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Is Your Phone Unlocked?

Posted by jabrieel on August 2, 2014



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Apparently it’s NOT a crime to unlock your phone anymore. The government and the president have signed off on it… Well, at least for the next 3 years. I think this is great for cell phone users, but bad for phone companies. 

If your phone’s unlocked you can switch from cell phone carrier to carrier. If you don’t like their customer service, data plans, minute allotment, roaming charges,… You can change your company. No more being tied into a two year contract. Now, the big boys have to really compete for your business because they know you’re free to leave and take your phone with you. 

What’s a cell phone company to do? Do think they’ll stop offering phone upgrades? Up the prices on new phones? Last I checked, you could get an unlocked iPhone 5s about $650 from Apple. I think the implications for communications are that cell plans will be more affordable, the cost of new devices will go up, and a larger market for used and knock off phones will emerge? What do you think? What can cell phone carriers do to make for lost revenue if users are locked down by cell phone plans and all phones are unlocked?



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