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Learnist, The Place Where You Go To Pin Knowledge

Posted by paulchronister on August 2, 2014

Learnist is the app that has been termed “The Pinterest for Learning.” Launched two years ago, Learnist is known for its slideshow-like boards that aims to educate readers on pretty much anything, from understanding the latest crisis in the Middle East to how to pack a suitcase like a flight attendant. The app acquires an audience of about 4 million people every month, and has just launched its new ipad app version this Thursday.

Much like how Twitter attracted celebrities during its launch, Learnist has attracted a lot of notable influencers like Washington Think Tanks, one of the hosts from Mythbusters, and HuffPost founder Arianna Huffington, who all contribute their knowledge and expertise for users of Learnist. Founder of Learnist said that “In Learnist, your pinning – if I can use that word – knowledge.”






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