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Marvel Brings Fashion To Instagram

Posted by rebeccapfister on August 2, 2014

Last week, Marvel launched the official “Marvel Fashion Instagram” account. The launch was perfectly timed. It coincided with the San Diego Comic-Con. Comic-Con is the largest pop-culture convention. It brings comic creators, actors and more. Typically, people going to Comic-Con dress up in their favorite characters. “Marvel Fashion Instagram” helps spark ideas for outfits. The account features superhero inspired clothes, outfits and miscellaneous things. SVP Marvel Licensing at Disney Consumer Products, Paul Gitter said, “At its core, we simply want to show everyone that Marvel can be integrated into our daily lives by highlighting everyday fashion with a hint of Marvel. We’d like to provide fun tips and ideas along the way that highlight the amazing merchandise we have available.”

Currently, the account has over 5,600 followers. The account can gain a stronger following if they post more photos. The post display new Marvel products and their retail location.  Marvel could have utilized the Comic-Con convention and took photos of attendees and advertised directly toward their target market.

Instagram: Styled By Marvel


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