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Hilton iPhone App

Posted by rebeccapfister on August 3, 2014

Hilton Worldwide announced the 2015 launch of their smartphone app. The app will allow guest to unlock their hotel room and check-in upon arrival. It’s very similar to an airline app that allows you to store your boarding pass, check-in and choose your seat. Hilton Worldwide figured out that the app works just as great on land! Guest can view a digital layout of each room before selecting a nice comfortable getaway.

I have two concerns about the app. I’m concerned about safety and people using the app to break into hotel rooms. The digital room layouts gives robbers an excellent field of vision. They are able to move quicker. In addition, the technology is taking over human jobs. People are still hurting for jobs. Personally, I like human interaction not human-computer interaction.

The app has the following features:

  • Allow guests to check in via smartphone, rather than wait in line in the lobby.
  • Allow guests to choose their room via access to a digital image of the floorplan.
  • Guests will also be able to use their smartphone as a room key.





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