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The New Twitter Analytics

Posted by sarahkana10 on August 3, 2014

For me, the new Twitter analytics makes my job of recording clients’ engagement on the social media site, MUCH easier. But could Twitter’s new analytics could turn us all into stat-hungry engagement addicts?

You access the new analytics on the backend of Twitter through the Ads tab.

“Among various charts and graphs, the dashboard – currently available to verified, and some unverified, users – gives a presumably accurate count for how many people have seen your tweets. Meanwhile, an ‘Engagement’ figure for each tweet counts clickthroughs to profile pages, clicks on hashtags, retweets, replies, link clicks and the like.”

I personally don’t use the analytics featured for my personal Twitter account, because I don’t post enough (or at all) anymore.  But there is concern that this new feature will change the way individuals and perhaps companies as well Tweet.

This article: “Why Twitter’s new analytics could turn us all into stat-hungry engagement addicts” by Martin Bryant, using the following example of how to Tweet and the huge difference it makes in terms of engagement and visibility on the social media network. I thought it was a really good example, and one that could easily be used to explain post tactics and strategies to employers or clients. It follows–

“Imagine the ‘and-you’ll-never-believe-what-happened-next-ization’ that has affected online publications in recent times spreading to stats-hungry individuals. “I’ve just eaten a sandwich” replaced by “I’ve just eaten a #sandwich. Here’s a picture of it. Tell me about your favorite sandwich!””

There has been concern that Twitter has become more about one-liners seeking attention, and less about conversation… what do you think?


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